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About Us
FijiTel.net is a USA base company. We are the best and cheapest way to call overseas without compromising call quality.

In an environment marked by increasing competition where some Tele-com companies are disloyal and sometimes mislead customers by hiding information and being deceptive with their costs, FijiTel.net has emerged as a customer focused company with heavy emphasis on being transparent to deserve customer loyalty.

We are a prepaid rechargeable International Calling service you can use from any phone in the US & Canada. Our flat rates are low and clean, you pay only for the minutes used. There are No hidden fees, No monthly fees, No set up fees and No surprises.

You have the convenience of making international calls from any phone anywhere in the US & Canada including your cellular phone. We don't commit you to a contract or ask you to switch your long distance carrier. We promise to keep you in control of your spending. Our online access to your account allows you to view your daily activity and Re-charge your balance whenever you want. Your credit never expires so don't worry about your money vanishing without you using it. At FijiTel.net you only pay for the minutes used.

We have perfected the way to make international calls with ease. Our features include:
PinLESS phone access
Register as many phone lines to call internationally
Program memory speed dial
Web access to view daily activity & re-charge
Crystal call quality
Contact Us
Working Hours: 5am to 9pm from Monday - Thursday
24hrs from Friday - Sunday
Phone Number: 1-877-Fiji-Tel (1-877-345-4835) or 1-888-295-2216
E-mail: CustomerService1@FijiTel.net
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